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How is Electronic Cigarette Kit safe
Written on September 15, 2011 at 1:19 pm by admin        Article Categories: Escort Tour Dates    

The cartridges of the electronic cigarette kit contain the real fuel that gives the puff. This cartridge contains liquid nicotine, already filtered rigorously and diluted with other pharmaceutical liquids to lessen the strength of the nicotine. This e-cig vapor is free from the 4,000 or more harmful carcinogenic materials that ordinary cigarettes are filled with. The e-cig vapor is 90% simple water vapor, and thus does not affect the lungs and health of the user as other tobacco products.

Health benefits for the others around -

The troubles faced by the passive smokers all over the world and throughout all age groups are hardly realized by the users of cigarette. The smoke emitted from tobacco is the reason behind many diseases for the people around smokers, like headache, earache, throat infection, nose infection, chronic laryngitis, and even tuberculosis. Electronic cigarette vapor contains negligible quantity of nicotine, and the vapor vanishes into the air completely within seconds of exhaling it. This is a great benefit for the sufferers of smoke, for this vapor from the e-cigarette does not cause severe trouble to even asthma patients.

Financial benefits -

The money spent on electronic cigarette kit is a one time investment, for the e-cig kit is the complete package which lets you enjoy the vaping experience without disturbance or renewal issues. The items included in the electronic cigarette kit are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, refill cartridges, atomizers, charger for the batteries and sometimes a user manual as well as the membership card of the brand purchased. All these of a basic starter kit come within $85, and give you the healthy vaping for the quantity of 5-6 ordinary cigarettes. From the next time, all you will need to spend on would be the refill cartridges. In this place, ordinary cartons would not only have ruined your system but also made you spend more money. E-cig users have written testimonials where they have accepted that using the e-cig kit has helped them save as much as $1000 per year.

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